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Under the medical directorship of Dr. Tiedrich, The Orthopedic Medicine Center provides superior diagnostics coupled with customized patient treatment programs, designed to treat, manage and alleviate pain and suffering.


The OMC provides comprehensive and multi-faceted care for acute and chronic pain arising from a traumatic accident, sports related injury or simply, conditions related to aging.

Dr. Tiedrich is widely known for his outstanding treatment of car accident victims and their injuries. Immediate consultation with Dr. T for the treatment of accident-related injuries is critical to proper rehabilitation and recovery.


Conditions We Treat

Trauma and Injury 

Physiatrists are often the medical doctors seen by patients after an accident. Extensive experience treating injury patients enables the OMC to quickly identify the systemic source of pain so the patient can be treated and resume normal activity as soon as possible.

Sports Injury

Injuries from sports-related activities are no longer limited to professional athletes. The OMC medical team has extensive experience treating college and professional athletes, as well as the weekend warrior. Customized rehabilitation together with medicinal and nutritional protocols help get you back in the game.

Conditions of Aging

The OMC has an extensive practice related to the conditions of aging. Patients with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, stroke and neurological disorders, cardiac disorders or neuropathies can benefit from a guided program of rehabilitation dedicated to improving movement and functionality.


Special Services

Disability and Legal Issues

Dr. Tiedrich is acknowledged for his skilled evaluation and understanding of physical conditions. Dr. T is often sought by the legal community to serve as an expert witness in legal disputes. The fact that he has been asked to serve both plaintiffs and defendants, is a testimony to his integrity in these matters.

Medicinal Marijuana Physician

As a physician registered with the New Jersey Department of Health Medicinal Marijuana Program, Allan Tiedrich, MD treats patients who have been diagnosed with specific, debilitating medical conditions that have not responded well to conventional treatment.

Drug Addiction Treatment 

Dr. T is licensed to prescribe effective treatment for patients suffering from narcotics addiction and other substance abuse issues. As a licensed Suboxone® (buprenorphine and naloxone) treatment physician, Dr. T helps patients who are addicted to narcotics get on the path to recovery.